Ever wonder what tastemakers and stylish shoppers have in their shopping bags? In this series, we take a peek at some of the things—ranging from everyday to extravagant—that are on their to-buy list.

We asked Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, sustainability advocate, co-founder and president of Rags2Riches (R2R) and Things That Matter, about her zero-waste starter kit, go-to baby wash, and some beloved local products that create positive impact.


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Messy Bessy Little Warrior
I don’t leave the house without this! It smells awesome, it is made from plant-derived ingredients, and it works! And the best part is, it is manufactured by a local social enterprise that provides education, employment, and rehabilitation, for at-risk young adults. I love products that work well but also create positive impact. 

Visit Messy Bessy, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall


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Human Nature Baby Wash
This is my son’s go-to baby wash. My toddler loves bath time so it is important for me that the products he uses are safe and sustainable. Human Nature is also a company that inspires so much goodness and love for the country and the environment. 

Available at Marketplace, P1 Level, Power Plant Mall

The Rockwellist Tote by Aranaz and R2R
The Rockwellist Tote is a beautiful tote/summery beach bag that makes use of natural fibres AND recycled tarpaulins from Power Plant Mall! It also has a handwoven drop-in purse made by the R2R artisans using scrap fabric. I am still in awe with how beautiful it turned out to be considering that we initially found it challenging to use all sustainable materials in one product. This piece proves that it is possible to create a beautiful product that creates positive impact, we just have to be really intentional about the design and creation of it.

We are proud to collaborate with one of our design partners in R2R, Aranaz, and Power Plant Mall.

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SIP Burrito
SIP is a company that cares about the environment and creates products that can help you start your zero-waste (or as less waste as possible) lifestyle! They sell metal straws, tumblers, and utensil sets that you can bring with you to avoid using those single-use plastic disposables. My favorite is the SIP Burrito (metal version)! It comes with a set of utensils, chopsticks, a straw, a milk tea straw, and a straw cleaner. 

Available at Common Room, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

R2R Joaquin Card Holder
It is a simple understated product that can fit about 20+ cards! I used to put all my cards in my wallet but because they were piling up in number (loyalty cards, credit cards, etc.), I needed a simple card holder that would make everything visible and easily accessible. The Joaquin is handwoven by our R2R artisans using upcycled scrap fabric.

Available during R2R pop-up shops at Power Plant Mall, and via: www.rags2riches.ph or www.thingsthatmatter.ph.