Bumping into someone with the same look used to be an embarrassing fashion faux pas. These days, style twinning make for fun moments on social media and in real life. This month, who better to twin with than mom?

Some would argue that donning matching outfits with mom is best left to preschool-aged kids or younger. But twinning doesn’t mean having to go full-on identical.

There are more subtle ways to go about it: matching silhouettes, complementary color schemes, similar patterns on different articles of clothing. The possibilities of putting together less obnoxious twinning outfits are endless!

Here, a few standouts from Tory Burch’s 2019 Spring/Summer Collection that will make you want to give twinning with mom a go.

Matching Stripes

Webbing Patchwork Tote, Striped Dress

Matching Yellow Plaid

Cotton Jacquard Shift Dress, The Rory Plaid Tote

Matching Chevron Purses

Kira Chevron Camera Bag in Pink Moon, Kira Chevron Flap Shoulder Bag in Daylily

Matching Footwear


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Ines Slide and Ines Wedge 


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Ines Espadrilles

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