In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked Women Who Rock to share some of the best advice they got from their own mothers.

Here, Ingrid Chua opens up about her mother knowing best when it comes to dressing up, maintaining friendships, parenting, and the thing that made her go, “Should have listened to mom!!!”

Photo from Ingrid Chua.

On dressing up
My mom believes that you should never leave the house unless you are well-groomed and look neat. I am the opposite of her! I don’t spend time planning my outfits. Sometimes, my friends laugh at how I look because I often look like I just threw on whatever clean clothes I could find. If my mom had it her way, she would make sure I never leave the house looking the way I do most of the time.

As I got older, I realized my mom’s words had merit because people form impressions of you at first sight. Now I try to look in the mirror before I leave the house to make sure I don’t look too disheveled!”

On friendship
My mom always said that you don’t need to have a lot of friends. As you get older, you begin to realize that not everyone shares your beliefs, and that you should stick to those who do. Like-minded friends have less conflict than those who have completely different value systems.

On raising kids
My mom would give us sermons when we’d do something wrong. Then she’d always end with, “When you have children someday, you’ll appreciate all the lessons I teach you.”

She was always so repetitive with sermons about everything—from small matters to financial and life matters. She insists that it’s better to keep instilling lessons and risk being called a nagger, than to allow your kids to grow up without a firm set of moral values. She’s right, of course.

On skincare
I used to get annoyed every time my mom would point out that my face is always so animated and expressive, and that one day it would result in wrinkles. I used to think that was so baseless but, my goodness, when I hit 40 started getting wrinkles! I noticed that the wrinkles appear on the spots of my face which show the most movement!

(Gulp) Should’ve listened to Mom!!!

– – –

Ingrid Chua writes about lifestyle and fashion on her blog, The Bag Hag Diaries, and for The Philippine Daily Inquirer. She’s also a TV presenter and producer for a show on Fox Network, and owns Accessory Lab (R2 Level, Power Plant Mall), a boutique that specializes in healing crystals and semi-precious stones.

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