While strolling around Power Plant Mall, do you ever wonder what tastemakers and stylish shoppers have in their shopping bags? In this series, we take a peek at some of the things–ranging from everyday to extravagant–that are on their to-buy list.

We caught up with chemical engineer turned mompreneur, Marie Field-Faith, and asked her about some of the things that she absolutely loves. Here, she shares some quirky pieces, a few must-haves, and some shops that complete her trips to Power Plant Mall. 

Aranaz Crab Clutch
I always go to Aranaz to check for new collections. My last purchase was this adorable clutch.

Visit Aranaz, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall


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L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate
I love love love this almond milk concentrate for smoothing and firming the skin! I discovered it during my travels eons ago and have been using it ever since.

Visit L’Occitane en Provence, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall


Cabanna Wicker Hat
Discovered this shop recently. Now I always pass by to check their gorgeous swim essentials! I want to get their super wide brimmed beach hats! ?

Visit Cabanna, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Eighth Mermaid Swimsuit from Retail Lab
As a small business owner, I know most of the owners of the local brands at Retail Lab. I make it a point to support local brands! Lots of amazing brands here so very hard to zero in only one item but great swimwear finds here like Eighth Mermaid ❤️

Visit Retail Lab, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

I have 3 kids and we have always loved Gingersnaps! My kids also used to be Gingersnaps models. A month doesn’t go by without us checking out what’s new!

Visit Gingersnaps, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall

I live in the south so going to Power Plant always means passing by Zara and loading up on fashion finds. My most recent purchase includes this cute outfit!

And this ?

Visit Zara, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall

I was so happy when Nespresso finally opened at Power Plant. We got a machine from Dubai and we managed to get it serviced and cleaned at this branch.

I like looking at their new flavors here, too!

Visit Nespresso, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall

Hobbes and Landes
No visit to the mall is complete without checking out model kits of ships and planes for my husband ?

Visit Hobbes and Landes, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall


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They have the best colouring pencils here at Muji. Whenever I am with my kids, instead of buying toys, I take them here to buy colouring pencils and writing pads. It helps keep them occupied during trips ?

Visit Muji, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall

Marie Field-Faith is the brains behind Pottly N Tubby, a home decor brand designed for kids. Check out Pottly N Tubby’s latest collection at Philux, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall.