So you’ve decided to practice zero-waste living. You’ve armed yourself with all the eco bags you need for every kind of shopping trip. But now you’re confronted with the pile of paper bags that have accumulated from months, perhaps even years, of shopping.

Reusing paper bags til they wear out or repurposing as gift wrapping alternatives are good ways to start, but what if you want to breathe even more life into these bags? We turned to Pinterest for crafty and creative ways to make the most out of a paper shopping bag’s life.

Craft a Book Dust Jacket

Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs on Pinterest 

Sure, covering books in plastic keeps them protected, but over time, heat can shrink the plastic and deform your favorite titles. Try turning old paper bags into dust jackets for your paperbacks. Add a personal touch to the book covers and design them as you please. Unleash your creativity and reduce plastic from your bookshelf all in one go.

Design Storage Shelves

Photos from Le Zoe Musings 

Who would have thought that shopping bags from your favorite shop could spruce up your pantry, linen closet, or creative space? As long as they’re in good condition, you can transform paper bags into additional storage space for areas that could use a bit more organizing.

Customize Planter Pot Covers

Photos from Paper & Stitch Blog

Decided to complement your zero-waste lifestyle with plant parenting? Here’s a fun activity that combines upcycling and gardening: turn brown paper bags into customized planter pot covers. They make thoughtful, eco-friendly gifts and giveaways, too.

Support a Craft Shop


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If you’re hopeless at arts and crafts and have a lot of paper shopping bags at your disposal, you can donate used paper bags to Common Room (R2 Level, Power Plant Mall). This craft store with a conscience has a delightful assortment of handcrafted materials that just might inspire you to repurpose your own paper bags in the future.

What do you do with all the shopping bags you’ve accumulated? We’d love to hear from you!