The world generates a whopping 2.12 billion of waste each year, and it’s causing the environment all sorts of problems. While the staggering number is a sobering reality, think of it as motivation to be a better resident of Earth.

Yesterday, we celebrated Earth Day 2019 and even though it was the perfect event to renew your commitment for the planet, we believe that it should go beyond just being a one-day celebration.

It’ll take more than just carrying around a cute tote bag or refusing plastic straws, but these small steps toward a zero-waste lifestyle are good ways to start. Here are a few more ways to celebrate Earth Day on a daily basis:

1.BYOB (Bring your own bottle)

Single-use plastic bottles are one of the most common items found in ocean debris. While recycling is an option, researchers have found that 90.5% of all plastic ever made has never been recycled. A possible, long-term solution: invest in a reusable water bottle you can bring everywhere.

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2. BYOB (Bring your own bag)

The once lowly tote is now unexpectedly chic. Let’s face it, more than just a socially conscious sustainable alternative to the plastic bag, canvas totes have become some sort of style staple. These days, they don’t just carry your groceries, they also carry a statement.

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3.Refuse single-use

While shops and restaurants that no longer offer single-use utensils give us hope, there are still a few out there that pack plastic straws, spoons, and forks with your meal. Instead of feeling hopeless, pack your own cutlery set. If you don’t own one yet, choose utensils made from 100% recycled material.

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4. Shop Naked (We mean packaging-free products!)

Bye, bye, bottles! Ditch shampoo and conditioner bottles for handcrafted bars. These ones from Little Big Help Philippines are made with organic ingredients that keep hair soft and shiny.

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5. “Redesign” Your Wardrobe

While fast fashion is the best thing that’s happened to our closets, it’s had one of the worst effects on the environment. Instead of celebrating Earth Day with a shopping spree, go through your closet and pick out pieces that hardly see the light of day. Let your creative juices flow, play fashion designer, and upcycle old or once-used clothing into something new and “bespoke”.

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