Deciding which makeup to pack for a trip is probably more stressful than applying for a visa, booking accommodations, and planning your travel itinerary combined. Hyperbole? Perhaps.Truth? Definitely. If the mere thought of leaving one item from your makeup kit unpacked gives you separation anxiety, NARS Multi-Use Gloss is just what you need.

Photo from @narsissist

With just one tube, you’ll be creating brilliant effects on your lips, eyes, and cheeks. If having multi-use makeup doesn’t save you enough space, you can rest easy leaving some of your skincare must-haves at home. NARS Multi-Use Gloss nourishes the skin, too. It has Vitamin E, which hydrates and protects your skin, and coconut oil, which softens and maintains the skin’s moisture.

Shimmery and versatile, it can be worn alone or layered to create endless glossy combinations. But before you get carried away and pack more than your travel kit can fit, visit the NARS boutique (R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) to check out the perfect shade for you:

Left to right: First Time (shimmering pewter), Star Babe (glittering white gold), Working Girl (metallic yellow gold), Redemption (soft rose gold), Relentless (metallic rose)

If having a minimalist makeup kit is little too drastic for you, consider NARS’ limited-edition set called the Fever Dream Collection. The collection offers “instant glamour” with two universally flattering face palettes, tantalizing lip combinations, and a high-artistry kabuki brush set perfectly sized for travel.

For more information, visit NARS at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall.