For some, the thought of wearing prints can be intimidating. While all-black or a classic white top and trousers ensemble never go out of style, summer is a good time to step out of your comfort zone, and into the sun in fun prints. It’s not always easy to choose a chic pattern, especially when there are plenty of options. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few and easy tips that might make you love wearing prints even well after summer.

Start small.

“Go big or go home” doesn’t always ring true. Sometimes, experimenting and seeing what works on you is the way to go. If you’re unsure about which prints to mix and match, slowly integrate prints into your outfit with something detachable, like a beach towel.

Sora beach towels (P1999) come in fresh, summer-y designs [we actually wish they came in maxi dress form, too!]. Plus, these multi-purpose towels are made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.Available at Aura Athletica, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Choose a subtle print.

If all things white and black rule your closet, start introducing prints that have a mix of your favorite (non) colors. And if you find flowers, fruits, or anything tropical a little too crazy, irregular stripes might be a good place to start. Doesn’t this black, white, and red cover-up give off a relaxed nautical vibe?Available at Cabanna, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Go for soft hues.

Making a statement doesn’t always have to be loud. Step out of your comfort zone with a fun mix of pastel colored dresses or cover-ups. Besides, light, cotton-candy hues make the heat so much more bearable.Available at Cabanna, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Keep it simple with a tee.

Can’t let go of this wardrobe staple? Go for tees with a twist! An oversized printed tee that will leave you looking and feeling cool. Match it with denim shorts, espadrilles, and finish the look with sunnies. Hello, summer!

Available at Topman, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Blend in with nature.

Florals and foliage are inevitable during summer. If you get too shy to step out in these prints, think of them as “camouflage” and just chill out by the bushes or trees. Mother nature has your back.

Available at Cabanna, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

There’s no time like the present! Give summer prints a shot while they’re hot.