Don’t quite get why people are lining up for milk tea? You’re probably not part of the majority, but you’re definitely not alone. If dairy is dear to you, we’ve found some alternatives that are worth a shot, a sip, and a gulp. Skip the long lines and enjoy your delicious dairy-filled drink from the comforts of these cozy shops at Santolan Town Plaza.

Scout’s Honor

The girl scout inspired cookie shop has set-up a new campsite. Santolan Town Plaza is home to their biggest shop to date. With  90 seats, there’s more than enough space to satisfy your dairy craving. We suggest dipping your craft cookie into a glass of Horlick’s Milk (P125) or Salted Caramel Corn Milk (P125).

If the occasion calls for something more indulgent, go for Craft Cookie Milkshakes (P210). Choose from three combinations: Cookie Monster, Chocolate Dark Secret, Strawberries and Cream.


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Milk Barn


Milk Barn is the newest dessert shop on this side of town. Choose from over 30 flavors of ice cream, milkshakes, and desserts a la mode. Some of our favorite milkshakes include Green Tea (P180), Brown Sugar with Pearls (P220), and Strawberry (P180).

We’ll let you in on a secret: Milk Barn serves no sugar added versions  of their milkshakes (P200). Just ask for your favorite flavor.

UCC Cafe Terrace

Fans of the Japanese coffee chain know that milk lovers are welcome here, too. While often at odds, there’s one thing that both coffee purists and latte drinkers can agree on: UCC’s  Kori Kohi (P230) is the perfect marriage of milk and coffee. They serve a small pitcher of warm milk along with a tall glass of Sumiyaki cold brew ice cubes, so you can pour as much or as little milk as you please. Trust the Japanese to invent something insanely good that hits the spot with every single sip.

If you’re a green tea monster who also likes their milk, UCC’s Hokkaido Green Tea Latte (P220) is for you. Pair it with a Hokkaido cheesecake and enjoy it for dessert or if you’re craving a sweet snack.

Alta by Relik

On the outside, this Filipino-Spanish casual dining spot looks like your first choice for a hearty meal and a glass of wine, but not necessarily dairy delights. You’ll be surprised to find that they serve Halo-Halo Milkshakes. Unlike regular halo-halo that have milk and ice as the base, Alta by Relik uses an ube pinipig milkshake as the base and tops it off with shaved ice. How cool is that?