It’s cherry blossom season. Here in the Philippines, sakura is in full bloom from menus of fast food chains to merchandise of specialty cafes. While these petals are making us daydream of teleporting to Japan, there’s no denying that we just really want to go for the food.

In anticipation of an upcoming Japan trip, or if you can’t fly out to the land of the rising sun just yet, here’s where to get your fix of authentic Japanese flavors at Rockwell Center.

Teppan Okochi
R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive

When you have Grand Chef Akihiro Okochi from Osaka using the best ingredients, you’re guaranteed the best culinary experience. You can’t go wrong, whether you order a la carte or choose from Chef Okochi’s course menu.

So instead of recommending a dish, we suggest getting a seat at the counter. That way, you get a front-row view of master chefs preparing your teppanyaki, sushi, or even pouring you fine sake or Napa Valley wine. It’s the best seat in the house!


R2 Level, Power Plant Mall

Photo from Ippudo

Ippudo’s #WorldFamousRamen has always blown away the Japan- and ramen-obsessed among us. But for those who prefer a plant-based diet, ramen isn’t top of mind–until Ippudo got a menu update. Their Mushroom Ramen is an exciting addition for pork-lovers and non-meat eaters alike! For the uninitiated, it might sound strange, but a sip of the mushroom-based broth and a bite of savory tofu just might change your mind.

Photo from Ippudo

For the pork-lovers if the bowl of Mushroom Ramen leaves you wanting, a side order of Pork Buns will fix you right up.

Ground Level, One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive

Photo from Tajimaya

All-you-can-eat grilled meat restaurants are dime a dozen these days. But there still remain diamonds in the rough. Tajimaya serves only the highest quality Japan-sourced wagyu, charcoal-grilled meats, and seafood. While the branch at One Rockwell only serves all-you can eat for lunch on weekdays, they carry the best selection of wagyu, bar none.

R3 Level, Power Plant Mall

Tsujiri is proof that matcha-based everything isn’t just a fad. Would you believe this match brand from Kyoto has been around for almost 160 years? So after enjoying teppanyaki, sushi, ramen, or yakiniku, head over to this dessert shop for a palate cleanser that’s still on-theme. Get a hot matcha drink, a cool refreshing drink, cold desserts, a slice of cake, pastries, mochi… We could go on and on, really.