The days are longer and the sun is shining brighter. The last thing you need is sunburn ruining your summer look. While sun-kissed complexion is a nice souvenir from your beach trip, keeping skin protected from the sun’s harsh rays is just good sense. After all, nobody wants painful red burns, or for skin to age prematurely.

So before you head outdoors, brush up on these summer skincare basics.

Adjust your skin care routine and cleanse gently

Washing your face more than three times a day may do more harm than good. Use a mild cleanser morning and night to keep your pores free of dirt. You can also go the extra mile and reward your skin with a facial mask you can apply at home. Cocokind’s Chlorophyll Mask detoxes, boosts complexion, and reduces inflammation without drying your skin. It’s made from chlorophyll, organic spirulina, and wheatgrass, which clear and soothe the skin.

Products available at Healthy Options, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall

Keep your skin moisturized and hydrated

No one likes itchy and dry skin. It’s irritating and takes a while to heal. Prevent skin from cracking with hydrating mists that keep your skin in tip-top shape. Thayer’s Cucumber Facial Mist helps retain moisture because of cucumber’s natural vitamin B5 content. It soothes the skin and reduces irritation, allowing you to feel fresh with every spritz.

If you spot any skin discoloration and want to protect and treat your skin, try Mad Hipppie’s Hydrating Nutrient Mist. Packed with antioxidants and hydrating essentials, it leaves your skin soft and supple while reducing the appearance of redness and discoloration. It has ginkgo biloba and vitamin C, two vital ingredients for brighter skin.

Cocokind’s Mymatcha Overall Moisture Stick is a multi-tasking miracle that keeps your skin hydrated. It’s also a lip balm, dark circle reducer, dry spot treatment and corrector, cuticle cream, stretch mark eliminator, and acne treatment rolled into one. Talk about packing light for your trip! And would you believe this multi-purpose balm only has three key ingredients? Organic virgin coconut oil, yellow beeswax, and matcha tea powder.

Don’t forget the sunscreen

This may sound like a no-brainer, but wearing a sunscreen with broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and at least SPF 30 is the one thing you shouldn’t forget.

Products available at Healthy Options, R3 Level, Power Plant Mall

Since you need to reapply sunscreen every few hours (more often if you’re swimming or sweating), you definitely need to stock up for the summer. Go for a lightweight and non-greasy formula like Derma-E Sun Defense Mineral Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30 or Mad Hippie’s Facial SPF 30. And because they’re both formulated with nano-free zinc oxide, it goes on clear and leaves no white residue.

You can also choose a reef-friendly alternative with All Good’s Unscented Sunstick or Sunscreen Butter. All Good products are made with organic ingredients that are friendly not just to your skin but to the environment, too!

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

At the risk of sounding all mom-like: drink plenty of water. Applying sun protection can only go so far. Staying hydrated enhances your well-being and helps keep you feeling great on the inside and out!