Self-care is all the rage these days. Now more than ever, everyone wants live their best life. Practicing self-care or sticking to a routine is not easy. Life can get so hectic that sometimes, me-time gets knocked off the to-do list.

Setting time for self-care without the guilt and shame is equally important as meeting our next deadline. The trick is to find a self-care activity you can enjoy that won’t feel like a chore.

Fortunately, a lot options for self-care are within reach. Inhale calm and exhale stress with The Rockwellist guide to some well-deserved me-time.

Let your body lead the way.

Feeling disconnected from your body is a source of stress. When you’re feeling sluggish or exhausted, it probably means you need a break. Honor your body and listen to its physical cues. That back pain might mean it’s time to exercise! Stretch your muscles and get a good dose of endorphins with a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout.


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Why not try Barre? This form of exercise is inspired by ballet, yoga, and Pilates. Luckily, Barre3 (R3 Level, Power Plant Mall) offers an array of classes that’s pretty hard to say no to. Try a class for that cardio burst that will leave you feeling balanced and rejuvenated.

Keep your hands off that phone.

Disconnecting is easier said than done. Take time to unplug and resist the urge to check all your notifications at once. A surefire way to get your hands off your phone? Get that mani-pedi you’ve been putting off for weeks!

Tuck your phone away during a nail art session at Dashing Diva (Inside Beauty Bar, R2 Level, Power Plant Mall). With interiors so cozy, it’s impossible not to fall asleep. Make it a habit to schedule mini unplugging sessions a few hours every day for a quick digital detox.

Start a gratitude journal.

When work and stress are weighing you down, it’s a relief to have something by our side that brings joy. Make your own gratitude journal and write down what you’re thankful for in a day. Be inspired and get started with Art Bar’s massive selection of paper and pens. Trust us, shopping for materials in this store is therapy itself!

Try something new.


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Break the monotony and do something you’ve never done before. It doesn’t need to be an extreme sport! It can be as simple as eating breakfast on your own (such a scary thought for some people!) or trying out places you’ve always been curious about. Do anything else other than your usual, and introduce a little something to your day every now and then. Maybe try a stall or two at The Grid? You won’t regret it!

Go on a self-date.

Taking a solo self-care trip can make a huge difference in your life. Even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed, getting away can help you disconnect and relax. Enjoy Swedish or Deep Tissue massage at The Spa. Its soothing and calming ambiance will certainly melt your worries away. Book a session and go all out with their Total Indulgence package. Go ahead! You deserve it!

Whether it’s a long walk, a hot bath, or a movie with friends, taking time for yourself is imperative – just make sure it’s something you really want to do and would actually enjoy. String these little acts of self-care together for best results and don’t forget to have fun!