Nothing beats a classic burger. There are days, however, that your taste buds tire of the usual beef, cheese, and bun combo, So until you get back that craving, it’s useful to know what alternatives are out there. We scoured Rockwell Center to find non-classic burgers you’d want to get your hands on ASAP.

Avocado Burger The Farm Organics, P1 Level Burger lovers are no strangers to The Farm Organics. What’s not to love? They offer a flurry of options. You can choose your bun (sesame seed or brioche). You can choose your beef burger patty (local all-natural or certified organic). Plus they have a selection of add-ons that help you personalize your burger to your liking. But when you want to add a surprising creaminess to it, we recommend ordering the Avocado Burger (local all-natural, P290; certified organic, P350). It really packs a punch and serves you a nutrient-rich alternative to other toppings that contain saturated fat.

Salmon Burger (2pcs, P350) Nikkei, Ground Floor, One Rockwell Looking for something a little farther from the classic burger? Just by the looks of it, this is definitely not your average burger. Don’t let the size fool you! Those steamed buns are pretty dense and quite filling.  Plus, the buns’ lack of color really highlights the salmon, wasabi coleslaw, and sweet potato strings that they hold together.

Chori Burger (P399) Fireside, R1 Level Before Boracay lovers and purists scoff at the proliferation of the chori burger, drop by Fireside by Kettle and sample their take on the cult favorite. The size alone is mouthwatering. While a bright and runny sunny side up nicely coats the layers of housemade chorizo patty, red pepper cream cheese when you bite into it.