C Kitchenry
Ground Floor, The Grove by Rockwell Retail Row, Pasig
Contact: 0917-170-CK11(2511) and 525-CK11(2511)
Open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday

Some days, you come home from work craving a home-cooked meal, but just don’t have the time to buy the ingredients and prepare the meal yourself. With only a handful of places in Metro Manila that offer good, comforting meals that are easy to prepare, it’s inevitable that you reach for the convenient, but, oftentimes, less healthy option. And, let’s face it ordering in or dining out isn’t always the most practical thing to do.

For those looking for proper home-cooked dishes that are practical, convenient, and most importantly, pre-prepared, C Kitchenry Culinary Studio is heaven-sent.  

Seven years after starting her baking business, actress Betinna Carlos opened C Kitchenry at The Grove Retail Row in December 2018. “All I want is to make [people] happy through food,” shared on her Instagram page. Today, she and her siblings run a shop that satisfies people’s cravings for anything from baked goods to home cooked meals.

Both sweet and savory welcome you to C Kitchenry. Across the counter, which showcases desserts and their best selling Buchi Bread, is a fridge filled with a selection of Heat2Eat Food Pouches. Their offerings allow you to “whip up” an entire meal. On the menu, they have a selection of soup, meaty and vegetarian entrees, as well as different kinds of rice–even caulirice for those who are on a low-carb diet!

Each packet contains servings good for two (or one, if you’re really hungry). While the food packs are meant to be reheated in the comforts of your own home, C Kitchenry will gladly heat them up for you.

Their menu is already pretty extensive, but their kitchen is open to whipping up dishes by request. They also offer bigger portions for potluck parties, although you’ll have to give them a call and order in advance.

For dessert, it’s best to order a Baked Bites Box that you can fill with an assortment of goodies. Choose from an array of cookies, bars, buns, loaves, cupcakes, and slices of cake. All of which you can have with FREE COFFEE, if you plan to enjoy them in-store.

While C Kitchenry welcomes dine-in guests, at the moment, it’s primarily a walk-in, take-out counter for frozen meals and pastries. They can, however, serve as a venue for intimate celebrations, bible study meetings, or a party for 20-24 of your closest friends. You can even build your own menu! Just give them a call to make a reservation.

Photos from C Kitchenry’s Instagram and The Grove