One of the struggles of planning a group date? Agreeing on what to do and where to go. This love month, Santolan Town Plaza has made it easier to map out an ideal date for everyone in the group. Read on for a list of experiences you can make your own.

Free Movie* Nights

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*Click here to learn more about The Reel Deal promo.

If you’re hanging with a new group or out to meet friends of friends, watching a movie is a great way to create a shared experience. Plus, it gives you more to talk about when grabbing dinner and drinks. Invite the group to watch the latest releases at Santolan Town Plaza because until the end of February, buying 4 movie tickets means your group gets the fifth ticket for free!

Peaceful Spa Dates

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Nail Spa provides breathing space for when you and your friends are looking to escape the city without having to go too far. Bond over a soak, a scrub, or a massage at this cozy corner in Santolan Town Plaza

Dinner and Drinks

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Nothing cuts the awkwardness of a group date like drinking a couple of glasses of wine—responsibly, of course. Right next door to each other, Alta by Relik and Barcino serve only the best bottles of vino and delicious dishes that are great for sharing.

Shareable Sweets

One-on-one dates can be sweet and all. But if you’re an extrovert who thinks “the more the merrier”, or an introvert who needs buffers for social situations, sharing dessert with the gang provides the perfect middle ground. You and your friends can get your fix from shops like Elait and Overdoughs at the Cinema floor.

Fun Arcade Games

Q Power Station brings out the kid in everyone and enjoy some friendly competition. The playful atmosphere helps lighten the mood, especially if you’re still trying to getting to know that special someone in the group.

Now that you know where to take your friends this February, start making plans and save the date. See you at Santolan Town Plaza!