Love it or not, Valentine’s Day is best spent on a date—whether it’s with a significant other, your friends, someone you just met, or even yourself. If you’re stumped for date ideas, The Rockwellist is here to help. We have something for everyone from globetrotters to homebodies. Read on and feel free to pattern your Valentine’s Day date after these ideas we were able to gather while perusing some of our favorite designer shops at Power Plant Mall.

Travel by Sea

Photo from Tory Burch

Inspired by her parents’ adventures and their enduring love story, Tory Burch’s (R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) Spring 2019 collection makes us want to hop on a boat and sail the seven seas. Tory shares on her blog, “Every summer, they boarded a steamer ship and spent six weeks sailing from Italy and Greece to Morocco and Spain.”

Doesn’t that sound absolutely romantic?

Listen to Live Music

Photos from Paul Smith

London’s rich and diverse music history has always influenced Paul Smith’s (P.S. by Paul Smith, R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) designs. This is probably why his pieces make us want to sing our lungs out and dance the night away while dressed like a rockstar. Or an old school blues artist. Live music is said to have a profound impact on feelings of happiness and well-being. We reckon being able to share the experience with someone you love makes it even more special.

Spend Quality Time with Yourself

Photo from Kate Spade

“[B]ecause you are your first love”words of wisdom emblazoned on a Kate Spade New York ((R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) marqueeis all the reason you need to go on a date with yourself. So go ahead, this Valentine’s Day, book that table for one! Send yourself flowers! BUY THAT BAG! What’s stopping you?

Spend an Entire Day with the Girls

The latest collection from Michael Kors (R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) is all about celebrating looking chic with your chicas, no matter what you’re up to. Block off the entire day for your girls. For starters, you can kick the day off with a fabulous breakfast. Spend the afternoon window shopping, then surprise them with gifts. Wind down the day with a trip to the spa, or gear up for a night of partying. Sky’s the limit when you’re out with your girls!

Master the Art of Doing Nothing

Photos from Calvin Klein

Have a quiet night in. Prepare a home-cooked meal. Curl up on the couch. Watch a movie.

Just because your Valentine’s Day checklist sounds like a regular day at home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress appropriately. Yup, scarlet red skivvies from Calvin Klein (R1 Level, Power Plant Mall) are definitely the correct attire for doing *coughs* nothing at home on Valentine’s Day.

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