Can you believe The Grid Food Market has been open for a little over half a year? It seems like only yesterday that we were twiddling our thumbs in anticipation of the snazzy new food hall at Power Plant Mall. Fast forward to today, we’re pretty sure anyone who has sampled dishes at The Grid has their favorites.

But if you only have eyes for a stall or two, you are seriously missing out. The next time you gravitate toward those wonderfully uniform stalls for lunch, a snack, drinks, or dinner, we suggest getting something other than your usual. If you don’t know where to start, here’s The Rockwellist guide to some of The Grid’s best kept secrets.

Stall 1: Bucky’s

A bowl of Cauliflower Salad (P300) that is packed with flavor is the last thing you’d expect from a stall that takes pride in Chia Bowls, Porridge and Soft Serve. “Mind-blowing” and “surprisingly good” are words that come to mind with every forkful.

Stall 2: Flower Boy

Don’t let your love for their massive pork chop and best-selling pad thai eclipse potential new favorites. Flower Boy’s Tom Yum (P540) is a huge comforting bowl, especially if you’re feeling under the weather. While the Fish Sauce Caramel Wings (P290) is perfect for sharing with the table.

Stall 3: Tsuke-Men

If you love the pork at Tsuke-Men, but can do without the broth, add the Aburi Kakuni Rice Bowl (P280) and Abura Soba (P290) to your list of new favorites. If a spicy surprise is what your taste buds are looking for, grab some of their Tebasaki Wings (P250).

Stall 9: La Chinesca

While it’s no secret that La Chinesca has off-menu items that change on a daily basis, their Oyster Taco is a revelation! Oh, and don’t be shy, ask about other off-menu tacos.

Stall 11: Bun Appetit

Bun Appetit is one of the rare shops that does seafood sandwiches justice, which is why you should have a taste of their Shrimp Avocado Roll. If avo toast isn’t your thing, you can order Grilled Cheese Sandwich versions of their signature rolls.

Stall 12: EDSA BDG

Go off-menu by asking for The Grid Aperol Cooler or a Tropical Sangria from your trusty beverage designers.

The Workshop

This probably doesn’t qualify as a hidden gem because it’s hard to miss this 17-Layer Strawberry Shortcake (P285/slice). What not everyone might know, however, is how this pretty, moist slice of cake is incredibly hard to resist and not at all cloying. Oops, we guess the secret’s out?

So before the service staff rings up your regular order, throw them a curveball and try something new. You won’t regret it! Besides, your favorites will always be waiting.