Chinese New Year is a holiday that’s lively, colorful, bright, and rich in symbolism. From dragon dances and red envelopes, to lavish meals—every piece of decor and every activity is a celebration of tradition and a means to attract good fortune for the coming year. If you’re looking for things that will help usher in the best fortune for the year of the pig, check out these interesting finds from the Little Chinatown Bazaar at Santolan Town Plaza.


Nothing says the beginning of spring like flowers in bloom and fresh fruit. Oranges are especially popular leading up to the new year because of their auspicious shape and color, which symbolize abundance and happiness. Drop by the Frutesca Fruit Store or Rockwell Fruit Stand to take your pick of lucky oranges, kiat kiats, and other fresh produce to ring in the new year.

Round food, dim sum, and other goodies

During Chinese New Year, it’s customary to have lavish feasts. The bigger the meal, the more luck and prosperity you attract. Some lucky dishes include round food, sticky food, and longevity noodles. Complement your feast with goodies from Polland Hopia, House of Bao, and Oh My Siomai.

If you’re hankering for something non-traditional, you can also get a taste of Chinese-themed sugar cookies and rice meals from Press Cafe by Fully Booked.

Charms and Trinkets

In Feng Shui, lucky charms are said to improve the flow of positive energy. There’s a trinket for every sign, and there are certain charms and elements that are believed to enhance wealth, health, relationships, and so on. They also make for cute accessories.

If you want know which crystals or metals you should wear for 2019, consult the folks over at Crystal Works and Heart Factory. Both are setting up shop at the bazaar, so you can get a new piece to try to get Lady Luck on your side this year.

If you find yourself in the San Juan area, celebrate Spring Festival 2019 at Santolan Town Plaza. Drop by The Pavilions from February 1-5, 2019. Stalls will be open from 12:00nn to 9:00pm.