It’s every yoga teacher’s wish to see their students personify the benefits of their practice on and off the mat. While new apparel, like these ones from Aura Athletica, are constantly on the top of a yogi’s must-have list, we also like pretty, functional, and well-made products that complement the practice.

Bras from Spiritual Gangster and Alo and Alala, statement tee from The Bee & The Fox, wristlet from Katie Loxton, tumbler from Thermo Mug. All available at Aura Athletica, R2 Level

Below, are some yoga-teacher-curated items that aim to remind yogis of the intentions they’ve set for themselves.

Yogi stress relief tea (Healthy Options) and Klean Sip Kit (Klean Kanteen)

Showing up for yoga class means consciously setting aside at least an hour for self-care. Going back to the real world after class can be stressful to the mind and body, but it’s nothing a good cup of tea can’t soothe. Steep it in an insulated tumbler to keep it warm for up to four hours.

Re by Empower Massage Balls (Sport Lines)

Many yoga practitioners strive to get into the full pose, even if their muscles aren’t ready. Pinning these massage balls on tight muscles and applying gentle, sustained pressure on it will encourage greater range of motion.

No Show Brazilian Panty, Seamless (La Senza)

A wardrobe malfunction is the last thing anyone would want to happen during yoga class. Be confident to stick your bum out in forward folds or in down dog because you’re in proper underwear.

Slip-on sneakers (Muji, Harlan + Holden)

The mountain pose entails standing upright and equally spreading weight on the four corners of the feet. It may look easy, but many veer away from this neutral posture because of bad habits. Choose to wear slip-on shoes to foster grounding and balance.

Touch of Awakening aromatherapy massage oil (G Stuff)

Yoga can cause muscle pain, which could progress to an injury if left untreated. Lather on massage oils made with eucalyptus, rosemary, and thyme. These oils have natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that relieve discomfort.

Just Pineapple, Just Banana, and Just Mango (Blue Kitchen)

A holistic approach to caring for the mind, body, and soul is what many yoga practitioners subscribe to and clean eating is one of its pillars. Refuel the body with nourishing, plant-based snacks after class. They’re great pick-me-ups that satisfy sugar cravings, too.

Midnight Recovery botanical cleansing oil (Kiehl’s)

Surrender to the full benefits of yoga by stepping on the mat makeup-free. You’ve already mastered the ujjayi breath, now let your skin also breathe during class.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom (Digital Walker), The Productive Planner (The Write Impression Paperie and Press)

Poses and stretching are just a small part of yoga. Introducing meditation and breathing exercises to your practice cultivates better awareness of thought patterns. Play your favorite meditation playlist or podcast in the background as you meditate. Jot your thoughts down in a journal to keep them away from influencing your actions or reflect on them when ready.

Aromachologie Relaxing Shower Gel – L’Occitane

Yoga aims to promote purity in the body and mind. While the latter will always be a work in progress, taking care of our outer cleanliness is less daunting. This shower gel is cruelty-free, made with naturally derived foaming base and essential oils that uplift the mood, like lavender and sweet orange.

The Pocket List of Human Anatomy: A Reference for Students of Physical Therapy, Medicine, Sports, and Bodywork (Fully Booked)

Knowing what muscles should be activated or relaxed while in a yoga pose is a prerequisite to moving mindfully. This primer will not only spell the difference between what the hamstrings and quadriceps are for, it will also be handy in preventing injuries.

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