By now, we’re pretty sure you’ve decked the halls and nestled gifts under the tree. If the holiday decorating bug still has a hold on you, here’s an idea: set aside cookies “for Santa” and make a pretty vignette out of it while you’re at it. Now where do you go to get your hands on goodies that double as decor? Keep scrolling, you’re on the right track.

Mo’ Cookies,
R1 Level

Find yourself on Santa’s naughty list? Try making up for it with the best chocolate chip cookie in Manila. Make sure to get a box early in the day because these cookies sell out before you can say “Ho ho ho!”. If you run out, their other flavors are worth hoarding, too! Believe us, you’ll be wanting mo’ mo’ mo’ after every bite.


The Grid, R2 Level

To single out cookies in a vast sea of beautifully crafted pastries does sound silly, now that we think about it. Luckily, the folks over at Workshop Bespoke Bakery are giving us the gift of options. Order their craft collection so you get to sample their cookies and other life-changing pastries.

8 Rockwell

How many times have you found yourself standing in awe across Wildflour’s pastry display? If you answered zero, do yourself a favor and sink your teeth into their super chunky cookies.