Illy Coffee Power Plant

Illy Caffè for the dessert lover
Located right smack in the middle of Power Plant Mall on the R2 Level, Illy Caffè may be an unusual spot to enjoy a shot of their delicious Marocchino caldo (bottom layer of hot chocolate, Illy espresso dusted with cocoa and topped with hot frothed milk) but it’s actually the perfect nook to do some people-watching and catching up, as we discovered. One sip of this pretty concoction is like drinking a chocolate bar laced with coffee—highly addictive and joyful!

It’s made even better served with a single piece of their signature biscotti dipped into the shot glass, enjoyed bite by bite or as a whole, depending on your preference. The next time you’re at a loss on what dessert to have after a hearty meal, head over to Illy and try, it really is liquid gold.


Refinery for the remotely working entrepreneurs
If you ever find yourself at the Joya Lofts and Towers looking for a corner to work on your latest endeavor, consider parking your laptop at Refinery and have their orange infused cappuccino along with one of the delicious pastries available in the cozy shop. The unusual combination is actually quite yummy with the citrus fruit giving off a tangy twist to the classic favorite.

Each sip awakens the senses, comes in handy when working on a deadline, and satisfies the craving for something sweeter than the usual cup. The ambience of the restaurant itself makes it even more enjoyable and conducive to great ideas while keeping you calm and relaxed while working.



EDSA BDG for the coffee connoisseurs
The ubiquitous island bar at the middle of The Grid Food Market serves a myriad of drinks: beer, fresh juices, soda and yes, freshly brewed coffee. The folks at EDSA BDG are passionate about their cup of joe, so much so that their very engaging barista walked us through the process of the pour over of their, you guessed it, Pourover cup from their #YKW single origin menu. YKW stands for You Know Who, one of their founders’ email signatures who we assume is a coffee lover, too.


The barista used beans from Ethiopia, carefully measuring, straining, pouring and mixing to get the purest liquid from the fresh beans served in a carafe and a shot glass “because it’s meant to be enjoyed like wine, sip by sip,” he says. It was possibly one of the best coffee we’ve ever tried, smooth and smokey with nary a drop of milk or sugar needed to highlight the flavors. Give it a try the next time you’re at The Grid and make sure you watch the fascinating process and listen to the commentary, it really is something else!



Eight Coffee Bar by UCC for a morning jolt before work
Step into the mezzanine of 8 Rockwell to find Eight Coffee Bar by UCC, conveniently waiting for all the office dwellers longing for a jolt of caffeine before starting the day and try their cold brew coffee served in, wait for it, a wineglass nonetheless!

Eight Coffee Bar by UCC

The Nitro Draft (black/creamy) is infused with nitrogen gas and released through a pressurized valve, giving the coffee a foamy top and a smoother, creamier finish you won’t even need to add sugar. Unlike some cold brews that run on the bitter side, this is nothing but; it’s actually really delicious and satisfying first thing in the morning, sure to make you conquer the day with the right attitude laced with cold brew.