The Wholesome Table Chocolate Cake

The Wholesome Table’s bakery might not be top of mind when thinking about sweet treats, so we were in for a pleasant surprise when we paid the dessert bar a visit for brunch. Rows upon rows of delectable pastries, cakes, cookies and muffins beckoned us to give them a try, promising a healthier alternative to the usual dessert options. The Wholesome Bakery features “a full line of artisanal and delectable gluten-free baked goods and pastries, some of which are nut-free, refined sugar-free (very important) and vegan while always using free-range eggs, real butter, wild honey, raw sugar and homemade gluten-free flour.” Best of all? Taste is not compromised, each and every pastry we tried was mouth-watering good!

The Wholesome Table BakeryThe Wholesome Table BakeryThe Wholesome Table Creme Brulee The Wholesome Table Cupcake and Smoothies

The Lemon, Matcha Latte and Strawberry Shortcake cupcakes are like little pops of happiness you can enjoy guilt-free. They use gluten-free flour, raw sugar, fresh milk and real butter, none of the artificial ingredients that aren’t good for you.

The Wholesome Table Chocolate Cake

If you’re a chocoholic, their Chocolate Cake is to die for! It’s made with rice flour, Callebaut Dark Chocolate (that’s couverture chocolate made in Belgium used by gourmet and  culinary professionals) coconut oil and coconut sugar, among other yummy ingredients. It’s not as sweet as the usual chocolate cake but the taste more than makes up for the lack of and before you know it, you’ve demolished the whole slice.

The Wholesome Table Creme BruleeThe Wholesome Table Superfood Sticky Rice

We also got to try their Crème Brulee made with free range eggs, the Superfood Sticky Rice or their version of Bibingka topped with Chia Seeds, Banana, Cacao Nibs and desiccated coconut. We washed it all down with two of their signature shakes, Be Beautiful which is berry-based and Be Dreamy, a mango and banana mix with superfood stars.

The Wholesome Table is at the R2 Level of Power Plant Mall.