Flower Boy

Flower Boy may be an unusual name for a resto but when you get to try their Asian-centric menu of Pork Chop Rice and Chicken Wings to name a few, it finally makes sense. Putting together two unusual words is something our Asian neighbors are likely to do, just like how we Pinoys love to make puns from famous terms.

Back to the food, the best-selling Pork Chop Rice is a cornucopia of flavors with huge portioning good for two hungry souls to share. The breaded pork chop is flavored just right—not too tasty or too salty—and meant to be eaten with the sweet-savory sauce and siding of pickled mango. It sits on a bed of rice and monggo that feels like a warm hug after a long work day or rainy afternoons we’ve been having lately.

The Chicken Wings are on the sweet side, not too oily or crispy and can definitely be enjoyed on its own or with a side dish. There are other delicious viands in the menu that’s worth trying so head on over to The Grid’s stall number 02 for more of Flower Boy.


Before you dismiss this as another ramen joint, you have got to try their newest baby, the Aburasoba—al dente noodles mixed with layers of flavor, from mildly spicy to sweet savory, plus a healthy serving of chicken, veggies and herbs to top off this must-have. We also tried the Gyokai Tsukemen—fat, firm boiled noodles dipped in the most flavorful broth with bits of meat and herbs that left us very satisfied. Find Tsuke-Men at stall 03 at The Grid.


For those who are familiar with EDSA BDG’s original branch near Greenhills along EDSA, you can now partake in their delicious concoctions right here in Power Plant Mall. They have every drink imaginable to quench your thirst after indulging in your dishes of choice at The Grid: excellent coffee, natural sodas, cocktails and local craft beers. We tried their Banana Jackfruit Ginger Beer, a refreshing drink that’s sweet with a punch sans alcohol that can also double as dessert on a glass as an after-meal treat! EDSA BDG is right smack in the middle of The Grid at stall 12.

Le Chon

It’s quite amazing how restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu was able to turn an already beloved Filipino dish into so much more. Le Chon, whose name is a twist on the traditional roast pig dish lechon, is a meat-lover’s dream come true. You get to customize your order according to what you prefer in five steps: starting with choosing your meat (porchetta, angus beef belly, shredded manok, and tuna steak) followed by the flavor (original, tanglad butter, sugar cane gata and truffle at bawang), then the side dishes (kamote fries, banana cue chips and grilled talong with baba ganoush) the all-important rice (Le Chon’s original butter rice or sexy brown rice) and lastly, the sauce (to complement your muscovado liver sauce with labuyo lime or adobo white sauce) that basically ties the whole meal together. The servings are very generous and can easily be shared by two hungry tummies so make sure you come with a hefty appetite. Le Chon can be found at stall 04.

The Grid Food Market is at the R2 Level expansion.