Not Just Any Alteration Service

More than just a place to perfectly tailor your too-long pants or tuck in the waist of a skirt, Altersmith can also reproduce your favorite button down, re-style a piece and give it a new life, and even make curtains for your home. All you need to do is bring in a sample, fabrics and measurements and they take care of the rest.
The shop itself, newly opened at STP is so relaxing and albeit sparsely decorated, is teeming with taste. Quotes from notable fashion icons are rendered in paint at the walls, carefully chosen garments hang on hand to give you an idea of what they can do. Even the machines neatly lined up at the back are well-organized and neat, to the point of photogenic! The overall appearance is reassuring, you feel that your precious garments, especially investment pieces or delicate vintage are in good hands.

Asian Eye Institute

Ocular Inspection

Since the eyes are the windows to our soul, it has to always see things clearly and look back at the world, hassle-free. At the Asian Eye Institute, their services range from the most basic Comprehensive Eye Exam offered to both adults and children to Cataract and Glaucoma screenings. The eye exam includes checking your eye’s state of health, along with the grade and quality of vision by an optometrist and ophthalmologist. Their optical shop has excellent choices, too specializing in Zeiss lens like the Myovision Lens designed for kids age 6-12, reducing the progression of nearsightedness significantly. This lens is recommended for kids whose grade increases yearly so they won’t be burdened wearing such a high grade once they reach their twenties. AEI also offers Orthokeratology or Ortho-K lens specially designed lenses that are worn at night while the patient sleeps and offers them clear vision for twenty four hours; perfect for those kids / grown-ups who constantly lose their glasses or for folks who aren’t ready to do lasik.

Rustan’s Marketplace

One Stop Produce & Foodie Heaven Shop

It’s hard not to notice the aesthetics that lure you in a Rustan’s Marketplace branch. From the fresh produce that greet you by the door, to the whiff of ready to heat-then-eat viands and a dairy collection that rivals any huge deli, it has everything you need to whip up a well-balanced meal or even throw an impromptu party. A fresh orange juice juicer is on hand if you’re craving a bottle or two of natural Vitamin C. Huge fan of nuts? A whole wall is dedicated to just about every variety. Freshly baked pastries and cakes are also on hand for last minute desert ideas and a great wine variety to wash all the gourmet offerings down. Their STP branch is brand new, inviting and doesn’t scrimp on any of their signature offerings, making shopping for the week’s meals and stocks a most enjoyable experience!

Nail Spa

The Most Chill Way To Spend Your Lunch Break

Nail Spa is one establishment that stays true to their shop’s name: it really does feel like a spa for your nails. The expertly styled cocoon feels more like a cozy lanai than a nail salon, using rich fabrics like brocade and velvet for the furniture with Persian rugs and dark wood tables as accent pieces including splashes of fresh flowers. Nail Spa is one of the few salons in the metro to offer designer nail polish brands like Chanel, Dior and YSL as well as under the radar cult brands that quality-wise, is a great investment—it’s chip-resistant and the luster lasts up to two weeks. Services range from the basic mani-pedi to a luxurious hour-long foot spa, pedi and massage rolled into one relaxing treatment. If you’re craving some me time on your break or after a long day, this haven can’t come highly recommended enough!

True Value

Tools, Home Ware, Car Accessories, Oh My!

A hardware store was once considered male territory mainly because it’s the men who do the handy/dirty work at home. In recent times, the gender roles have blurred and women now take on home improvement duties and more often than not, purchase the materials for the projects themselves. Such is the appeal of True Value, especially the spankin’ brand new branch at STP! You can find everything, and we mean everything there: lunch kits and boxes of all types, water bottles for every budget, the usual home tools and supplies, BBQ grills and cleaning agents…the list goes on. Shopping for home stuff is now a family affair and the best news is, the branch is on sale until the end of July! Insanely discounted pieces are on hand so take advantage! Dads, moms and even the kiddos will enjoy perusing the aisles looking for what they need and perhaps, want with super helpful and friendly sales staff happy to assist. It’s really a stress-free, seamless way to shop for the home with the best value in the metro.


Laser Your Way To Smooth Skin

Wink, the experts at hair laser treatments are now up and running at STP. This branch is bigger, better and more airy than their mall-based branch with rooms comfortable enough to lie in while you get unwanted hair zapped for good. The freshly decorated space is void of frills, instead feels like a spa / massage place welcoming you to relax. If time is of the essence, you only need to spare twenty to thirty minutes for a session and continue about your day. It’s that fast and efficient! Wink elevates the laser removal experience to another level, one that’s comfortable, relaxing and fun!