You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Off-White, easily THE hottest cult street wear brand in town. The newly opened shop at the Ground Floor of 8 Rockwell was, to say the least, very well-received, so much so, that their exclusive Manila Capsule was sold out during the VIP event alone. The sparse, minimalist shop offers their signature shirts, jackets, and ladies wear comprising of deconstructed dresses and skirts that are cleverly made and can be styled a myriad of ways. A camo bomber jacket also caught our eye, an obvious nod to the street-meets-fashion theme the brand is known for.

Not to be missed are the structured bags with statements enclosed in insert “word“ here, which is the brand’s trademark and is splattered all over their branding and merchandise.

Come visit the shop in a few weeks once they open shop from renovations and re-stock their highly covetable goodies before they get wiped out again.

Off-White is at the Ground Floor of 8 Rockwell.