Bruno’s Barbers has been an institution in the barbershop industry since they opened their first branch in 1989. Now, going more than thirty branches strong, each location has captured their own respective steady markets thanks to their loyal partners, a.k.a, barbers who themselves have shown admirable loyalty to the brand.

A visit to the very cool and cozy Power Plant Mall branch is enough to put your Lolo in a good mood: classic interiors, comfortable AC, and music to get him in a relaxing place, even lemon water and cookies if he’s up for a pick-me-up snack. We road-tested their most requested service: the haircut and shave with massage courtesy of John who has been with the branch since it opened, a good nineteen years ago. He cut our model’s hair with the precision and passion of someone who truly loves what he does, just enough old school charm that your Grandpa can definitely relate to. John uses his own set of shears and blades and expertly shifts tools depending on the hair part. It was like watching a dance with scissors, complete with footwork and ceremonial steps.

Did you also know that Bruno’s Barbers caters to the ladies, too? You can treat Lola as well on a double date with her beloved and have her roots re-touched or get a whole new color job! She can also have her nails done while having a hair treatment if that’s her cup of tea.

Book an appointment with Bruno’s Barbers located at the P1 Level. Men’s haircuts start at P300.00 and for the ladies at P430.00.


Fabio Salsa, the chic salon at the R3 Level has been a mall mainstay since the early 2000s and has become a go-to for residents and mall-goers for a quick haircut or treatment in between shopping and dining. Now, we all know how Lolaloves to get her hair coiffed, even for no particular event or reason, so we tried first-hand what goes on in the process via their senior stylist Joseph who’s practically an expert in the matter. First, a thorough shampoo sesh to prep the hair and start clean, then it was followed by a rough blow dry before putting velcro rollers strategically in the front, back and sides to ensure maximum volume. Once the soft rollers are in place, heat is applied via a head contraption, albeit a more modern one, unlike the helmet-types Grandma was probably used to back in the day. Once the timer is done, the rollers are removed and Joseph returns to tousle, toss and spray his creation: soft waves that are a lot more natural looking than the classic curls of yore.

Treat Lola to Fabio Salsa before the family dinner so she can feel like a million bucks, and steal Lolo’s heart once more.