A long-standing institution in locally-made and exported furniture, Philux is the epitome of timeless elegance. Owning a piece from the esteemed manufacturer is a proud accomplishment in itself, the way they produce and mix European design with local flair is genius, case in point is their use of our beloved solihiya in a completely modern way as bed accent, a desk drawer or an ottoman.

This is what makes Philux special and unique—the melding of old and new to create strong, original statement pieces that lasts a lifetime.


For the more adventurous homeowner who isn’t afraid to take risks yet still prefers to maintain cohesive structure, Restoration is the place that can make all your colorful, printed dreams come true. Their new collection comprise of bright turquoise backgrounds with botanical and animal prints for headboards and throw pillows, a lot of golden and wood accent pieces to balance out the brights and rich yves klein blue sofas (including one for your fur baby) for lounging and entertaining in high style.

Restoration defines a new kind of luxury for the discerning home decorator who isn’t cookie-cutter in taste but is willing to experiment a little for maximum impact.

Bang & Olufsen

Every music fanatic and passionate film lover knows there isn’t anything above in quality than a Bang & Olufsen speaker or television set. The technology and design are unparalleled, the way it blends seamlessly with whatever your home or office interiors are is what makes it exceptional and worth the investment.

Their pieces are not merely appliances but works of art you’d want to show off; both modern and playful at the same time, it’s a purchase that will love you back, for life.

Philux, Restoration, and Bang & Olufsen are at the R3 Level.