Vania Romoff

Cebu-bred Vania who is also part Russian, has been making waves in the fashion scene for a few years now with her signature feminine pieces punctuated with charming details and one-of-a-kind fabrics. Her newly opened space is simple, straightforward and chic, letting the impeccably designed garments speak for themselves.

We especially loved the vibrant pieces: a melon orange netted gown that’s perfect for a garden affair, and a bright fuchsia top with a train that looks like a gown when hung but is actually a strapless top! If attainable glamour is your thing, then Vania is your girl.


Entering the new Whisenhunt shop is, to say the least, a sensory experience. Visually stunning (Velvet chairs! Glass display boxes! Pretty trinkets!) with the scent of dried eucalyptus leaves permeating your senses, it transports you to a regal boudoir that could very well have belonged to royalty. It’s anything but stuffy though, as it evokes a modern flair in the details, anchoring the fine jewelry beautifully. Don’t be intimidated by the shop’s design, the price range is very democratic starting at about four thousand for pre-loved antique pieces to the higher hundred thousands for a tennis necklace.

One special piece stars Keishi pearls from India, small delicate balls that look gorgeous set in a ring and pendant, made to look as one. Whisenhunt is truly the place to visit if you want to treat yourself or vying for a special anniversary present (care of your S.O., of course).

Patty Ang

Patty Ang is a fairly new kid on the fashion block who has built a steady cult following with her ultra feminine pieces peppered with details such as ostrich feathers and delicate beadwork. The go-to of power women and the ladies who lunch pack, Patty’s designs are accessible luxury: well-crafted pieces in classic shapes you can wear a myriad of ways—pairing a puff-sleeved velvet bodysuit with jeans or a t-shirt with one of her signature palazzo pants.

Jumpsuits are also a specialty, doing her own rendition of an evening look that’s not a long gown or LBD. Patty is a young designer with a bright future ahead of her, and hopefully, more feathers and beaded creations showcased along the way.

Tim Tam Ong

If statement baubles are more your thing, Tim Tam Ong is your go-to place. Not for the faint of heart, this designer revels in the grand, gold and embellished. In fact, the bigger, the better! Her designs are meant to be worn as your main accessory, one that says, “I have arrived, so hear me roar”. Exquisitely hand crafted and truly original, Tim Tam is a designer who is unapologetic and embraces the uniqueness of every woman who wears her pieces. Sport her pieces as the star of a minimalist ensemble or go big with prints that complement them; either way, you’ll be the talk of the party.

Vania Romoff, Whisenhunt, Patty Ang, and Tim Tam Ong are at the R2 Level.