Visit Via Mare at any time and chances are, you’ll spot a LoloLola or Tita dining, chatting and enjoying the vibe of this food institution. They’ve occupied the prime spot in Power Plant Mall for years and has been through many facelifts, but one thing remains consistent: their excellent dishes that have become the go-to of Filipino comfort food lovers—seniors or otherwise. What exactly makes Via Mare stand the test of time and new places sprouting by the minute? Well, we found out the best way possible: trying out their top-sellers for ourselves.

Started off with the freshest oysters chucked the same morning it was served, freshly shipped from Aklan. Sweet, cool, and nary a trace of fishinessit was indeed a feast for the palate; so fresh it was unbelievable. Next, we had the classic crispy pata with the traditional dip paired with rice, of course! Crispy and tasty with just the right amount of fat and flesh ratio that will leave you wanting more; we also had their signature pancit luglug on the side which was the perfect side dish to the mains. Of course we couldn’t leave without having their bibingka, possibly the dish they’re most known for, and it tasted just the way it did when we first tried it as kids. So if you’re still clueless where to take the grandparents who love a good traditional meal, look no further than their beloved Via Mare.

Cafe Via Mare is at the R1 Level (on Lopez Drive).


Dunkin’ Donuts is never devoid of adorable seniors whiling the time away with one of their signature donut flavors paired with an excellent cup of coffee. Who can blame them? The country’s oldest donut chain has been the comfort food of choice for practically every occasion and celebration, or simply for the sole reason of satisfying a craving.

This Grandparents’ Day, take advantage of their awesome deals and treat them to their favorite donut and coffee joint! Choose from their Cool Combos of Brewed Coffee, Choco Butternut and Boston Crème or an Iced Coffee, Bavarian Cream and Choco Honey Dip for only P99.00 each! Prefer to take home the goodness? Why not treat the whole family to their Big Deals: only P349.00 for three big boxes with the choice of Big Barkada, fifteen classic donuts plus three premium donuts, or the Big Family, fifteen classic donuts plus twelve munchkins. If this doesn’t make their day, we don’t know what else will!

Dunkin’ Donuts is at the P1 Level.


Sugarhouse is another old school resto known for their delicious cakes and pastries but did you know their savory dishes are winners, too?  We were lucky enough to try their best-selling Callos and Chicken Pastel which incidentally are favorites of the senior set, along with guilt-free desserts, sugar free oatmeal cookies and even sugar free apple pie! Affordable price points coupled with consistent, delicious meals make this classic joint a continuous success, cementing their presence in the local food scene despite all the new competition. You just can’t beat old-fashioned timeless good recipes.

And here’s a sweet deal from Sugarhouse this Grandparents’ Day: their sugar free items are at 10% off!

Sugarhouse is at the P1 Level.