Comme Ci

At first glance, you’d think the merchandise in Comme Ci is purely sourced abroad: rich fabrics on garments, high fashion footwear and accessories with an overall luxurious feel you only sense when entering a designer boutique. A lot has to do with the shop’s curators, the ladies behind Cura V, who are all well-traveled and exposed to the finer things, banking on their own individual aesthetics and tastes when they curate for the shop. Once we perused the racks however, it was a delight to discover our local design geniuses’ works like Joey Samson and his traffic-stopping cocktail frocks, Sassa Jimenez’s brocade statement coats and shift dresses, Mark Bumgarner’s lust-worthy shoes, and Emi Jorge’s charming evening clutches are just some of the brands you’ll get to see in person at the shop.


This brocade jacket by Sassa Jimenez fits right in the movie’s outlandish crazy rich costumes and would make the perfect topper to a simple shift dress in a solid color.


An intricately beaded sheer dress by Joey Samson looks like it came straight out of Astrid Leong’s glamorous closet and would look divine with an all black ensemble of a tank top and cigarette pants.

These suede, Marikina-made beaded and feather slides by Mark Bumgarner is a shoe girl’s dream come true. Everything about it is heavenly, from the sculptural heel to the dyed ostrich feathers; it’s a shoe that you can wear with jeans or a long gown; any which way, it shines.

Comme Ci is at the R2 Level expansion.

Ito Kish Pop-up store

The Ito Kish brand has been synonymous to impeccable Filipino design and craftsmanship as well as the namesake designer’s equally flawless taste when it comes to furniture-buying overseas. The self-made designer/entrepreneur has a keen eye when spotting and styling out of the box pieces together with elements of nature, books and even fragrance in a wonderful vignette of mishmash. Ito scouts the world for unique furniture and home accessories to bring back to our shores; everything in his shop can only be found there and nowhere else. He has a knack for knowing exactly what to purchase that will tickle even the most discerning homeowner’s fancy.

Ito Kish Pop-up store is at the R2 Level expansion.