As more and more new brands sprout like mushrooms, it’s no longer practical to have free standing shops to house each one, hence the birth of hip multi-brand stores popping-up around town. Two of the most well curated can be found in the mall and we dissected both with an expert eye, putting together looks (his and hers) to consider on your next shopping trip.



Bench-owned Assembly has been making waves despite it being a relatively new boutique with only a few branches. Dubbed as a lifestyle store, not only does it carry obscure, under the radar brands like AhinCote & Cieland Mihara Yasuhiro side by side with more familiar designers like PucciPaul Smith and Rupert Sanderson, they also offer books, candles and even toys for the young at heart. It’s like entering a hip, cool person’s abode, one that will make you linger longer than necessary. Come gifting season, you’ll find the most exciting finds here, almost as if you took a trip abroad to buy them.


Tryst Studio

Another new kid on the multi-brand block is Tryst Studio, the minimalist, straightforward store that carries everything from shoes, apparel, accessories and whatnot. A haven of fresh stocks greet you as you peruse the awfully cute merchandise neatly displayed from brands like BallettaNiu and Zanone, just to name a few. Brazil brand Agua Brazilian Swimwear also consigns here; for a tropical country like ours, summer attire is a whole-year addiction.


Assembly and Tryst Studio are at the R1 Level.